My Interview with Matt Sullivan from Clever Monkey Productions

Matt Sullivan, a talented producer from the A & E Network, has started his own television production company called Clever Monkey Productions. One of Matt’s first productions is a mini-documentary about my life and my music career. Matt and his Clever Monkey crew interviewed me in great detail about my childhood growing up in South Florida and on Long Island, my early music recording career with Emergency Records, becoming a wife and mom, and now picking up where I left off with my country music recording career.

We also spoke in-depth about my recent trip to Nashville, writing and recording with country music legend Don Rollins, and about my new song, Somebody’s Baby, which was written by Kelly Archer (she co-wrote “I Don’t Feel Anything” with Joey Sykes). The song is a mother’s “words of wisdom” to her daughter. I am currently in the studio recording “Somebody’s Baby” for my upcoming LP, and so far this song is one of my favorite songs to sing!

I am very excited to see the complete, edited documentary footage from this interview!

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