Back At Home & Hanging Out With Trace Adkins on Long Island!

Hanging out with Trace Adkins in Long Island, NY

Just got back from being on the road and yesterday evening I was invited to Long Island’s NYCB Theater at Westbury to meet country music star Trace Adkins backstage. My Country 96.1 WJVC had a promotional table at the concert and invited me down for a meet and greet with Trace.

As Long Island’s first country format radio station, JVC gets a lot of local support at shows. They were able to set up shop at Trace’s concert with giveaways and radio station contests for the NYCB Theater audience. Trace Adkins, apart from being extremely tall, is a super nice guy and one of my favorite country artists. All in all, it was a great night!

Now that I’m back home I’m taking this opportunity to work in my home recording studio, finishing up the vocals on my upcoming LP, Sunrise Highway, and doing a ton of radio interviews all over the country. At this point I feel like an old pro at doing press (it starts to become second nature after awhile :)), but I’m always amazed that people want to know all of the details about what’s going on with my career and my life. Journalists also find it fascinating that I made the transition from a 1980s dance pop artist to a country artist. I grew up in the south with country music, but when I moved back to New York as a teen, country music had not yet developed a large following up north, so back then a country music recording career was not feasible. Times have changed quite a bit and I am so proud to see all of the support for country music in New York these days. I’d like to think I am a part of that exciting music

Blast Magazine Calls Me “Long Island’s Country Star”

Country star Lisa Matassa featured in Blast Magazine

Blast Magazine just posted an interview with me, entitled, “Long Island’s Country Star.”

The article was written by a very sweet and talented young journalist named Brittney McNamara. Brittney called me from Blast Magazine’s Boston office for a chat about my life as a wife, mom of two teenagers, and a busy country recording artist who is currently on tour to promote my album, Me Time (Whew! I’m tired just reading that last sentence. :)).

I spoke to Blast Magazine’s Brittney McNamara about my earlier recording career with Emergency Records, as Lysa Lynn, and why I am so much happier now that I am recording and performing the kind of music that I am truly passionate about; my own special brand of country and rock n’ roll music that I call ‘Long Island Country’!

We also spoke about my love for Nashville (my new second home), my family and what’s been happening since I started promoting the album Me Time. Thanks Brittney for a wonderful interview. READ MY INTERVIEW WITH BLAST MAGAZINE