Doing Radio Promotion in California for “Me Time”

On July 18th I packed up and headed to California for the first stops on my West Coast radio promotional tour for my EP, Me Time. Joining me out in Cali was brilliant music producer and musician, Joey Sykes, whose credits include work with artists: Meredith Brooks, Bryan Adams and Bare Naked Ladies. My record promoter, Greg Stevens from Nine North Records, also joined us out on the road for this first leg of my west coast radio tour.

Our first stop was at Sunny Country 102.5 FM in Santa Maria, California where we pre-recorded an interview for The Morning Show with Jay and Niki, followed by Joey Sykes and me giving an in-studio performance of 2 songs from the Me Time EP. We sang and played “Wouldn’t You Like to Know” and “Somebody’s Baby.” Jay, from The Morning Show with Jay and Niki, had just had a baby girl named Sophia, so we dedicated our performance of “Somebody’s Baby” to his newborn baby girl.

Before leaving for our next radio stop, I had the chance to meet everyone at the radio station and sign plenty of pictures for the Sunny Country 102.5 staff.

Next, we drove north to Solvang, California, one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen, with Danish-inspired architecture and breathtaking wine vineyards. KRAZ, KRAZy Country 105.9 FM radio deejay, Stefan Carpenter, met us at Roblar Winery a local vineyard for an informal meeting about Me Time. Minutes later, our meeting turned into an on-the-spot performance after I suggested that I play some songs for him right there in the private wine tasting room. Joey Sykes broke out his guitar and I began to sing. Within minutes a crowd was gathering around and pulling up chairs to watch Joey and I perform, turning my meeting with Stefan into an impromptu country music concert!

After performing 6 or 7 songs for the crowd, people approached me for autographs and the owner of the vineyard gifted us with two of their best bottles of wine, one red and one white. Later that evening we ate dinner at a famous local restaurant called The Hitching Post, where portions of the movie Sideways was filmed.

Our two days in California began and ended perfectly, and the very next day we hopped a plane to Boise Idaho for the next leg of our Me Time radio tour…

On The 1st Leg Of My Radio Promotional Tour for “Me Time”

My schedule has been jam packed these last few weeks as we prep for the national release of my EP, “Me Time” (the national release date for “Me Time” is June 13!!) I just got back from a promotional radio tour in the northeast, hitting 4 states in 2 days with lots of fun and exciting radio interviews. In between the radio touring I’ve been back in the studio recording more songs for my upcoming LP album. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the new song, “Somebody’s Baby,” a song with lyrics that are very personal to me; I just love the story that this song tells: no matter where you are in the world or what is happening to you, remember that you are somebody’s baby – as a mother it’s very meaningful :).

In between recording more music, my northeast radio tour to promote Me Time, and being a busy mom, I’ve been doing radio and television interviews with media outlets on the west coast via skype. Did I mention that I’ve been busy?!! But it’s worth it, as I feel blessed that my family is behind me, helping to make this dream of mine come true. I love you Frank, Alexa and Frankie

I want to give a shout out to the radio stations I visited on the northeast leg of my promotional radio tour:

To Steve at WRWD in Poughkeepsie, New York; Shelley, Dave & Jimmy at WCTY in Norwich, Connecticut; Wild Bill at WOKO in Burlington, Vermont; and to Justin & Amy of KIXX in Lebanon, New Hampshire… thank you guys so much for your love and support, and for playing my single, “Me Time!”