On the Red Carpet at the SOHO International Film Festival in NYC

On the red carpet at the SOHO International Film Festival

I just attended the premiere of the independent film, Jesse, at the 2011 SOHO International Film Festival in New York. Jesse was shot in Bellmore, Long Island and is about a Nassau County, Long Island female police officer who becomes a vigilantly for justice after her own brother is murdered. The film stars some amazing and celebrated actors: William Forsythe, Eric Roberts and Armand Assante. A very talented actress named Stephanie Finochio plays the lead character of Jesse.

Jesse was written, produced and directed by Long Island born filmmaker, Fred Carpenter. Fred called and invited me to attend the film’s premiere and to walk the red carpet with the cast and crew; very exciting! Fred introduced me to everyone and all of the actors were so kind and friendly. I was actually told that the film’s lead actress, Stephanie Finochio, is a professional wrestler and stuntwoman and her role in Jesse was her first acting role – she did a great job! During the screening I sat next to former News 12 Long Island reporter and current CNN reporter and meteorologist, Bonnie Schneider (a Jericho, Long Island girl). The film premiere of Jesse was a celebration of all things Long Island which was pretty cool .

The SOHO International Film Festival premiere was exclusively for the cast, crew and media, and the Long Island premiere for the public will take place July 8th at the Long Island International Film Expo.