On WGBB 1240 AM Radio Show – Limo Talk with Graz

Just did a phone interview for WGBB 1240 AM’s Limo Talk with Graz. (a special thanks to my good friend Teresa Greco for hooking this up!) The show’s host, Anthony Graziadei and his staff are crazy funny!! Being that I was the only girl in the mix with a studio full of guys I definitely had to bring my A-game during this on-air conversation. The testosterone was flowing, Ha Ha! Graz and the other radio personalities on the show made me feel so welcome and they were all hilarious!

Graz is so down to earth and personable so the interview was a lot of fun. We spoke about my March 31st EP release event, my upcoming tour schedule and, of course, my music. I got to give some shout outs to the talented writers I have worked with like Joey Sykes and Tony Bruno. I was even asked by Graz to create a promo audio track for Limo Talk with Graz using my single, Me Time, which I thought was very flattering as their current promo audio track is a take-off on Rihanna’s hit single, Na Na (What’s My Name?). Now if I can only carve out some time in the studio to record it for him!

Listen to my interview with Graz by clicking on show # 20