97.5 WALK FM Mentions My Music and Long Island Country

Long Island radio station 97.5 WALK FM has posted a headline about me and my music on their website’s homepage asking their listeners if there is a “New Country Star on Long Island?” It’s definitely an honor to be mentioned by WALK FM, which has been a staple in Long Island radio for years, especially since they generally play a top 40 format.

Maybe another sign that the Long Island Country sound is really taking root in New York?! What do you guys think?

Have a look at this headline towards the lower middle of the page – http://www.walkradio.com And please request my song “I Don’t Feel Anything,” either by email [email protected] or through Facebook!

On the Red Carpet at the SOHO International Film Festival in NYC

On the red carpet at the SOHO International Film Festival

I just attended the premiere of the independent film, Jesse, at the 2011 SOHO International Film Festival in New York. Jesse was shot in Bellmore, Long Island and is about a Nassau County, Long Island female police officer who becomes a vigilantly for justice after her own brother is murdered. The film stars some amazing and celebrated actors: William Forsythe, Eric Roberts and Armand Assante. A very talented actress named Stephanie Finochio plays the lead character of Jesse.

Jesse was written, produced and directed by Long Island born filmmaker, Fred Carpenter. Fred called and invited me to attend the film’s premiere and to walk the red carpet with the cast and crew; very exciting! Fred introduced me to everyone and all of the actors were so kind and friendly. I was actually told that the film’s lead actress, Stephanie Finochio, is a professional wrestler and stuntwoman and her role in Jesse was her first acting role – she did a great job! During the screening I sat next to former News 12 Long Island reporter and current CNN reporter and meteorologist, Bonnie Schneider (a Jericho, Long Island girl). The film premiere of Jesse was a celebration of all things Long Island which was pretty cool .

The SOHO International Film Festival premiere was exclusively for the cast, crew and media, and the Long Island premiere for the public will take place July 8th at the Long Island International Film Expo.

My Interview with Matt Sullivan from Clever Monkey Productions

Matt Sullivan, a talented producer from the A & E Network, has started his own television production company called Clever Monkey Productions. One of Matt’s first productions is a mini-documentary about my life and my music career. Matt and his Clever Monkey crew interviewed me in great detail about my childhood growing up in South Florida and on Long Island, my early music recording career with Emergency Records, becoming a wife and mom, and now picking up where I left off with my country music recording career.

We also spoke in-depth about my recent trip to Nashville, writing and recording with country music legend Don Rollins, and about my new song, Somebody’s Baby, which was written by Kelly Archer (she co-wrote “I Don’t Feel Anything” with Joey Sykes). The song is a mother’s “words of wisdom” to her daughter. I am currently in the studio recording “Somebody’s Baby” for my upcoming LP, and so far this song is one of my favorite songs to sing!

I am very excited to see the complete, edited documentary footage from this interview!

Attending a Benefit to Raise Money and Awareness for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

Last night I attended the 4th annual Sound Success For ALS benefit show on Long Island. There were lots of great performances throughout the evening. Folk music legend Maura Kennedy performed a set which was then followed up by The Roast Beef Curtains, who switched it up with their hybrid of reggae and rock music. The 3rd act was Nelson Klondike who played some classic rock for the crowd. The lead vocalist for Klondike is Lex Marchesi who was lead vocalist for the 1970s group, Fotomaker. This newly assembled group actually made their live debut at Sound Success For ALS, which was pretty cool, and I know the feeling!

Finally, I made my way to the stage to share some encouraging words in the fight to find effective treatments and (hopefully) a cure for ALS – also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Having lost a family member to ALS, I am personally aware of the devastating effects of this debilitating disease. For this reason, ALS fundraisers are so incredibly important!

We gifted everyone at the ALS benefit with copies of my new EP Me Time and I stayed to chat with all of the guests, autographing everyone’s Me Time CD and posing for pictures.

There were some other appearances made by Ms. Senior America, Gayle King and TV host and creator of the show Livin It Up, Donna Drake. The Cryers, a classic rock band out of New Jersey, performed their set towards the end of the evening to wind everyone down, and Shannon and her all-star band closed the show. From what I heard, Shannon is famous as the world’s greatest Beatles artist. She is also an accomplished musician with over 1,000 songs written. Her all-star band included drummer Steve Holley from the band Wings; drummer Jon Ehle from Stories; Pete Santora from Beatlemania; and guitarists Bobby Lame, Lou Pucci and Jimmy Mack. The evening also included Grammy winning recording engineer, Dennis Ferrante.

All in all it was a great time and the event proceeds were donated to SUNY Stony Brook University’s Christopher Pendergast ALS Center of Excellence. I want to thank Mick Du Russel (The Showbiz Wizard 🙂 ), editor of SpotOnLI.com, for inviting me to this event. Keep up the great work Mick! xo

On WGBB 1240 AM Radio Show – Limo Talk with Graz

Just did a phone interview for WGBB 1240 AM’s Limo Talk with Graz. (a special thanks to my good friend Teresa Greco for hooking this up!) The show’s host, Anthony Graziadei and his staff are crazy funny!! Being that I was the only girl in the mix with a studio full of guys I definitely had to bring my A-game during this on-air conversation. The testosterone was flowing, Ha Ha! Graz and the other radio personalities on the show made me feel so welcome and they were all hilarious!

Graz is so down to earth and personable so the interview was a lot of fun. We spoke about my March 31st EP release event, my upcoming tour schedule and, of course, my music. I got to give some shout outs to the talented writers I have worked with like Joey Sykes and Tony Bruno. I was even asked by Graz to create a promo audio track for Limo Talk with Graz using my single, Me Time, which I thought was very flattering as their current promo audio track is a take-off on Rihanna’s hit single, Na Na (What’s My Name?). Now if I can only carve out some time in the studio to record it for him!

Listen to my interview with Graz by clicking on show # 20

Long Island’s Anton News Celebrated with Me on the Red Carpet!

Long Island’s Anton News wrote up a lovely recap of my March 31st music video premiere and album release event for my new EP, Me Time. Journalist Karen Gellender attended my event on Long Island, New York, and later that week we caught up again and chatted about the evening’s festivities.

I love how Karen wrote that we “brought a lot of Hollywood-style glamour to Long Island.” That was fun to read :). And she went on to write, “[it] may have looked more like a Los Angeles scene than a windy night in Plainview, but when the singer posed on the red carpet with her children, it was clear this was still the story of a local mom achieving her dream.”

We spoke quite a bit about all of my future plans for touring and recording more music, and all in all, the article is a really great read! Thanks again Karen for another great story!!