Today my keyboard player Jon Lloyd and I made a visit to Captain Jack over at Renegade Radio in Nashville. Jon and I performed the Christmas Song “live” on the air and then talked for a bit with Captain Jack. It is never a dull moment when I visit with Captain Jack! He is such an awesome person and really has one of the greatest voices I have ever heard on radio. He has done an amazing job with Renegade Radio Nashville and I wish him all the success in the world!


This day was a BIG DEAL for me because we were going to pitch the music video of the “Christmas Song” to the staff at CMT in Nashville. I was beyond nervous for this meeting because I knew how difficult it is to get a video aired on CMT. I wanted

Larry Pareigis – Elf – Leslie Fram – Santa – Me – Traci Goudie – Elf

everything to be perfect so I arrived at the CMT headquarters with my video director Traci Goudie, my record label executive Larry Parageis of Nine North Records and to add a little extra spark, I invited Santa Claus and two elves to help me present the video. The meeting turned out great and I was beyond ecstatic to hear they would be adding the video to their holiday format starting December 8th!! Whooo-hooooooo!! I’m on CLOUD 9!!


This week I visited Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee on a south east radio tour. We started off in Virginia at the Eagles Nest for a performance sponsored by WGH 97.3 The Eagle. We had such a great time performing for the fans and meeting with them afterwards to talk and take pictures. Many thanks to RD John Shomby and MD Mark McKay for the opportunity to perform and for their support!  Our next stop was a visit to North Carolina and performances for 95.7 WKML and 95.1 WRNS – My guitarist, Colin Smith and I played a few songs for the staff at each of these stations and they gave us such a warm welcome and seemed to really enjoy our performance. I must say that North Carolina is such a beautiful place and the people are super friendly … definitely a place to return to again. Our next stop was to South Carolina. My record promoter Doc Gonzales, was kind enough to let us stop at SOUTH OF THE BORDER on our way to the next radio station. I came to this place with my family when I was younger and I was amazed how much it has changed over the years! Colin and I walked around for a bit and then we were off to visit WESC 92.5 in Greenville, South Carolina. This performance is one I will never forget … during our performance, one of the radio station staff members ran into the room and yelled there was a tornado sighting in the Greenville area and they had to announce it on the air ASAP. Since all the “on air radio personalities” were watching us play, we had to put the performance on hold until the tornado threat past. It was crazy! Thankfully everything turned out okay and we continued with the performance. Greenville is such a pretty town and the streets were all lit up with holiday lights and decorations. I really enjoyed this visit and look forward to meeting up with MD John Landrum and the staff at WESC again.  Our next stop was in Atlanta, Georgia where we made a visit to 94.9 WUBL the Bull to meet up with MD Lance Houston. Lance is a super nice guy and really seemed to enjoy our performance. After our performance, we talked for a bit and surprisingly, Lance and I both lived in the same town in Florida! This was a really great visit and Lance was a sweetheart. We were then off to Chattanooga, Tennessee to visit with PD Gator Harrison and the WUSY – US 101 radio staff. Colin and I performed for them in their conference room and afterwards took a few photos and talked with the staff. Overall, this radio tour was a great success and I had a blast on the road with Doc and Colin!!!


The CMA Awards Show in Nashville was absolutely incredible! It was my first time at the CMA’s and I was so impressed with the way the show was produced and every performance was top notch!

I am so thankful to Danilo Gabrielli for the AMAZING gown he designed for me … I felt like a princess : )

The after party at the Country Music Hall of Fame was spectacular and we all had a blast. Can’t wait for next year’s award show!!