July 2013

Did you ever look at a calendar and say to yourself  “Wait a minute? How is the year already half over???” Well, that’s me today. I’ve been meaning to write a blog for quite some time now about all the awesome (and not so awesome) things that have been going on since my last blog post. Allow me to sum up these past few months for you.  I had my debut performance at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville this past June and it has to be the highlight of my career thus far. I still get butterflies thinking about what an incredible experience it was for me to sing “Home of the Blues” at the Johnny Cash Forever Stamp Concert. I also experienced my first CMA Fest/Fanfair last month at that was soooo much fun! Can’t wait to do that again next year!  I also performed at the first Taste of Country Festival in upstate New York. I love the fact that there are so many country music fans in New York and it just goes to show how country music really is “country wide”!!







I’ve been busy writing and collaborating with songwriters on new material for my upcoming EP set to be released in the Fall. There are some really cool songs going on this EP and I can’t wait for you all to hear it! My new single “I Won’t Ask” is being released to country radio on July 22nd.  I have to tell you, this song was so much fun to write with Tony Bruno and Colin Smith and even MORE fun to perform live! And just wait until you see the music video for this song! All I can say is “OMG!!” Traci Goudie and Patrick Hubick have really outdone themselves on the treatment for this video. Think of the movie “Sin City” and that will give you a glimpse to what the “I Won’t Ask” video is going to look like! Simply amazing!!

LM video 2LM video 1

Some really cool things happened on the home front this year too; We finally took down our Christmas tree in May (haha), our son did an amazing job at the school talent show and our daughter graduated from high school. Some not so cool things happened too; our beloved boxer dog Alfredo past away, we had yet ANOTHER flood in our basement and I’ve been dealing with a serious back injury. However, I’m not letting it stop me from heading out on my radio tour this month!

I’m sure I left out so many other incredible moments but I didn’t want to go on and on and risk boring you all! I do want to say that I feel so blessed and appreciate every moment of this journey I am on. Thank you for giving me my first Top 40 song with “Somebody’s Baby” and for all your continued support and well wishes! You guys are the BEST and I LOVE you all!!

See you soon!! XOXOXO

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