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County music star Lisa Matassa shoots music video in downtown Austin
June 30, 2013
Fox New Austin Video Link:

This week, country music star Lisa Matassa shot part of her new music video right here  in downtown...behind the FOX 7 studios in fact.

Director Tracie Goudie  and her partner Patrick Hubick call their production company "Bird Machine Bird"  and it's been a good year for the Austin duo.

"We directed a video this year  for Hunter Hayes called 'Wanted' and we've been nominated for several  awards.  We won an ACA Award.  We were nominated for 'Video of the  Year' at the ACM's, Best Male Video," Goudie said.

For Goudie, this is a  homecoming.

"It feels great to be back!  I've been gone for a little  over 4 years and I lived in New York and that was a great experience too but I  feel like when you're an Austinite, at some point you will come back.  So  I'm back," Goudie said.

She says they were going for a film noir vibe  with this video and the alley was perfect.
"We picked this alley because  it's the most non-descript in Austin and it's beautiful and has a combination of  these old buildings and the new architecture.  Plus it's really beautiful  with these fire escapes so we can light it and make it look really, really like  that time period," Goudie said.

Goudi has directed videos for artist Lisa  Matassa before...they love working together.
Matassa says her new single  "I won't ask" has a message everyone can relate to.
"You know, you're in  a relationship with someone who maybe necesarilly doesn't feel the same way you  do and you don't want them to know that you're kind of afraid.  And I think  a lot of people have been in that position so it's basically 'I won't ask you  where you've been and I won't try if that's the way you want it,'" Matassa  said.
Goudie says thanks to the new Austin film incentives, she's hoping  production will really start booming here in the ATX.

Right now she's  planning a TV series involving the life of LBJ and her first feature film.