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Lisa Matassa, 'Somebody's Baby' Video Premiere
October 30, 2012
Lisa Matassa is a mom first, country star second. So the New York native was immediately drawn to her new song, "Somebody's Baby," the first time she heard it.
"As a mom, I entirely related to the lyrics because I have two teenagers who are going off to college soon and I know that no matter where they end up in life, no matter how old they may be, I will always consider them to be 'my baby,'" Lisa tells The Boot. "I really believe when people hear this song, they will think about someone in their own lives they consider to be 'their baby.' I know many moms will think of their kids, but also people who have someone special in their life will be able to relate to the message in this song."
Watch the world premiere of Lisa's "Somebody's Baby" video below.
The clip for the tune -- which was written by Kelly Archer, Casey Koesel and Justin Weaver -- includes personal footage from the songstress' life. Fans get a peak at videos from her childhood to her wedding and the births of her children, depicting the song's message that though a person may change, "you'll always be somebody's baby."